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Low Temp Torque Tester - ASTM 1478,4693

Low Temp Torque Tester - ASTM 1478,4693


The refrigerated cold air chambers for ASTM Low Temperature Torque Test Rig As per ASTM 1478, low Temperature torque of ball bearing greases As well as ASTM D4693, Low Temperature Toque of Grease lubricated wheel bearing test method.

The top opening thermally insulated cold air chamber is mechanically refrigerated by double stage maintenance free compressors located on the bottom of structure. Combined ASTM D 1478-D4693 equipment equipped with test cage and one 6204 Ball bearing for ASTM D 1478 Testing. And one spindle bearing Hub bearing- Hub assembly for ASTM D 4693

Confirms to ASTM D 1478, D 4693
Cooling Range Up to – 730C
Real Data time data Acquisition of Starting torque, Running Torque, temperature of Chamber and Bearings.
Digital Torque Indicators
Integrated Dual stage refrigeration unit
High efficiency cooling unit
Integrated PC based Data Acquisition unit
Precession load measurement
Independent bearing preparation unit for ASTM D 4693 test setup
Servo geared drive unit
Dual test setup in single machine.

Technical Specifications:

Chamber Temperature - 730C
Spindle Speed - 1 Rpm
Digital Torque Indicator - 0 to 35Nm
Test Bearings - LM 67010- LM 67048 - LM 11949- LM 11910 for ASTM D4693 and 6204 for ASTM D1478

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