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Scale Tester / Brake Material Tester

Scale Tester / Brake Material Tester


The scale test rig for wear testing of friction materials is preliminarily intended for evaluation of the fade and recovery & wear characteristics of friction materials. Used in quality control & comparative testing of brake materials.


Used to evaluate the tribological properties of brake materials.
HMI based

Technical Specifications:

Normal load - up to 5000N max.
Sliding speed - 0.26 to 5 m/sec (disc speed 100 to 1440 rpm)
Disc diameter - 100mm
Disc material - Hardened Cast Iron or EN 24 (HRC 30 to 35)
Sample size - OD 77.25mm & ID 47mm
Included angle within friction material segments - 1050
Total area of contact - 1721mm2
Preset Timer - up to 99hrs:59min:59sec
Digital preset counter - up to 100000 cycles
Disc temperature measurement - non contact type (IR Type) – 550°C max
Data Acquisition System - Normal load, Frictional torque, Disc temperature, Co-efficient of friction.

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