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Air Jet Erosion Tester

Air Jet Erosion Tester


The air jet erosion tester is used to test the erosion resistance of solid materials to a stream of gas containing abrasive particles. Materials such as metals, ceramics, minerals, polymers, composites, abrasive and coatings can be tested with this instrument. The test specimen, temperature, angle of incidence of the jet stream, abrasive particulate speed and flux density, can be varied to best simulate actual conditions.


Conforms to ASTM G 76 standard
Measurement of particle velocity
Sample heating system
Variable particle feed

Technical Specifications:

Fluid Air
Temperature - ambient
Pressure - 6 bar max.
Velocity - up to 300m/s max
Nozzle - Tungsten carbide
Temperature - ambient
Velocity - up to 100 m/s max.
Feed rate - 0.5 to 10 g/min continuously variable
Specimen size - 25mmx25mm max. Thickness 3-5mm max.
Nozzle Size - 1.5mm
Specimen Heating Temperature upto 400°C
Adjustment in X,Y,Z and tilt of specimen from 0-900 (continuously variable)
Double disc arrangement for particle velocity measurement.

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