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Automated Timken OK Load Tester

Automated Timken OK Load Tester


Automated Timken ok load tester system provides a easy & fast, reliable assessment for evaluate the max. load carrying capacity of lubricating oil and grease. The system uses an closed loop servo-pneumatic loading system to control the test load.


Servo-pneumatic loading.
Integrated air preparation unit.
Automatic grease feeder.
Integrated re-circulating heating unit.
Standard dead weight loading LabVIEW based control system.
Integrated Data acquisition system.

Test Standards:

ASTM D 2509
ASTM D 2782
IP 240
IP 326

Technical Specifications:

Speed - 100 to 800 rpm Normal Load - 50 to 450 N Test ring diameter - 49.22 mm
Test block - 12.32x12.32x19.1 mm Temperature - up to 50°C

Optional Accessories:

Microscope to view the scar diameter.

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