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Ball on Disc bench top tribometer

Ball on Disc bench top tribometer

The Bench Top Pin On Disc Tribometer developed by Magnum Engineers is Preliminary intended for determining the tribological characteristics of hard metal and oxide coatings of wear and friction properties.
A stationery ball mounted on a holder is bought into contact against a rotating disc. At a specified speed as the ball sliding resulting friction force acting between the Ball and disc are measured by arresting the deflecting ball holder against a precision load cell. Send normal load dead weight and speed track diameter cab as desired.
In addition to stand-alone digital readouts a PC based interface with dedicated software for acquisition of data, recording and display in real time is employed. The software logs on frictional force, wear, coefficient of friction. Facility for exporting of the data to database software such as MS excel is also provided.
This machine has been designed making it aesthetically appealing and functionally user friendly. The disc is rotated through Servo Motor driven by an Servo Drive to effect change in disc speed. The normal load is applied through a leverage mechanism. Frictional force and wear measurements as acquired online and logged onto the PC.

1. Conforms to ASTM G 99 standard
2. Fully Computer Controlled and Data Acquisition of wear, friction, co-efficient of friction.
3. Performs test under sliding wear conditions

Technical Specification:
1. Normal load range - 100mN to 20N
2. Frictional force range - Up to 20N with a resolution of 0.06N
3. Wear measurement range - ±1mm (non contact displacement sensor)
4. Disc speed - 1 to 2000 rpm
5. Preset timer range - up to 99hrs:59min:59sec
6. Wear disc diameter - 60mm
7. Wear disc track diameter - 10 - 40 mm
8. Specimen Ball diameter - 8mm to 6mm
9. Data Acquisition System - Real Time Data Acquisition of physical properties of test materials.
Friction, Wear, which can be analyzed and Compare the data.

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