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Dry Sand Wheel Abrasion Tester

Dry Sand Wheel Abrasion Tester


To Test the abrasive resistance of solid materials to abrasive dry sand compositions. Materials such as metals, minerals, polymers, composites, ceramics, abrasives and thick coatings can be tested with this instrument. To develop a comparison table for ranking different materials with respect to each other, it is necessary to convert this mass loss to volume loss to account for the difference in material density.


Conforms to ASTM G 65.
Preset revolution counter.
Variable speed (optional).
Normal load calibration (optional).
Frictional force measurement (optional).

Technical Specifications:

Abrasive - AFS 50-70 test sand
Wheel speed - 200 RPM
Abrasive flow rate - 300-400 g/min
Test load - 45 to 130 N
Wheel diameter - 228mm
Chlorobutyl rubber hardness - A 58 to 62 on a shore durometer.

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