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Fretting Wear Tester

Fretting Wear Tester


Fretting wear test rig used to evaluate the property of lubricating greases to protect oscillating bearings from fretting wear. This method, used for specification purposes, differentiates among greases allowing low, medium, and high amounts of fretting wear under the prescribed test conditions. The test has been used to predict the fretting performance of greases in wheel bearings of passenger cars shipped long distances.


The Fretting Wear Protection Tester is operated with two ball thrust bearings, lubricated with the test grease, oscillated through an arc of 0.21 rad (12°), at a frequency of 30.0 Hz (1800 RPM/cpm), under a load of 2450 N (550 lbf), for 22h at room temperature. Fretting wear is determined by measuring the mass loss of the bearing races.

Test Standards:

ASTM D 4170

Technical Specifications:

No of test station - 01
Rotational speed - up to 1800 rpm Angle - 12°
Frequency - 30 Hz Temperature range - ambient Preset timer - 100 Hr. max.

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