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High Temperature Airjet Erosion Tester ASTM G 211

High Temperature Airjet Erosion Tester ASTM G 211

The High Temp Air Jet Erosion Test Rig has been developed to evaluate the erosion resistance of variety of materials and conforms to the specifications of ASTM G 211 -14 standard. The principle of operation consists of subjecting the test sample to a jet of HOT air carrying the erodent, through alumina nozzle of a known diameter. The impingement of the erodent particles on the test sample surface causes erosion and this is quantified by weight loss method.
The particle velocity is controlled by varying the flow rate of air and the erodent feed rate is varied by changing the speed of the conveyor system, which delivers the erodent to the jet of air. The particle velocity is measured with a well-established method – Double Disc arrangement. Note Particle Velocity Measured at Room Temperature Only. The test sample and air temperature can be varied from ambient to 10000C and test sample inclination is infinitely variable 0-900 with respect to the jet of erodent particles.

1. Used to test the erosion resistance of solid materials to a stream of gas containing
abrasive particles.
2. Materials such as metals, ceramics, minerals, polymers, composites, abrasive and coatings can be tested with this instrument.
3. The test specimen, temperature, angle of incidence of the jet stream, abrasive particulate speed and flux density can be varied to best simulate actual conditions.

Conforms to ASTM 211-14 standard
Measurement of particle velocity
Digital pressure regulator
Variable particle feed
User Friendly

Technical Specification:
1. Fluid - Air
a) Temperature - 1000 °C
b) Pressure - 5 bar max.
c) Nozzle - Allumina Nozzle
2. Particle
a) Temperature - ambient
b) Velocity - 30 to 200m/s max.
c) Feed rate - 2 to 10 gm/min continuously variable
3. Specimen
a) Specimen Heating - 1000 °C
b) Size - 25mmX7.5mm max & thickness 4.5 mm
c) Reference Specimen - 410 Stainless steel
4. Impingement Angles - 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°, 90°
5. Nozzle size - 4mm diameter Ratio 25:1
6. Double disc arrangement for particle velocity measurement.
7. Erodent collection after testing in fully enclosed removable enclosure
8. Sound and dust proof chambers.
9. Power - 440Volts, 35amps, 3 Phase

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