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High Temperature and Frequency Wear And Friction Monitor

High Temperature and Frequency Wear And Friction Monitor


The High Temperature High Frequency Friction & Wear Test Rig is used to test various metals, coatings under reciprocating sliding contact at various load & sliding frequencies, under dry & lubricated (with oil & grease) condition. The test rig is bench mounted self standing with vibration isolators.


Conforms to ASTM G 133-05.
Repeatable friction & wear measurement
Independent proven repeatability.
Compact standalone bench top system.

Technical Specifications:

Contact configuration - Line contact, Area contact, Point contact & cylinder.
Load Range through loading - 5 to 500N (in steps of 0.5 & 1 kg) leverage system
Temperature Range - Up to 250°C (Oil bath temperature)
Frequency - 2 to 50Hz
Stroke (Fixed) - ±2 to 12.5mm
Scuffing Wear - Scuffing frictional force pre-settable & Auto shut Off.
Frictional Force - + 500N to -500N measurement
Measurement - Through Piezo-electric force transducer
High speed on-line data - Frictional force, Co-efficient of friction, Normal acquisition system load, specimen back temperature oil bath temperature.

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