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High Temperature Grease Tester -D3336

High Temperature Grease Tester -D3336


The “High Temperature Grease Life Tester” use to evaluate the performance of lubricating greases in ball bearings operating under light loads at high speeds & elevated temperatures.

A grease lubricated SAE No. 204 size ball bearing is rotated at 10 000 rpm under light load at a specified elevated temperature. Tests are continued until failure or completion of a specified number of hours of running time.

This test method can be used to evaluate the ability of grease to provide adequate lubrication for extended periods of ball bearings operating under lights loads at high speeds and elevated temperatures.


Conforms to ASTM D 3336.
Digital Temperature Control .
Stainless Steel liner Heating Chamber.
Interactive touch screen HMI based interface.
Safety Interlocks of the Test Rig.
Touch screen HMI with inbuilt Data acquisition system.
Auto sequence through HMIC Controller.

ASTM D 3336 Test Conditions:

Temperature—As specified up to 371°C (700°F).
Speed—10000 rpm.
Test Cycle:
1)Twenty-one and one-half hours running at temperatures of 149°C (300°F) and below—2 ½ h shutdown without applied heat.
2) Twenty hours running at temperatures of above 149°C (300°F)—4 h shutdown without applied heat.

Technical Specifications –

Test Spindle Speed - 10000 rpm
Temperature - Ambient to 3800 C ± 30 C
Test Bearing - SAE No 204
Test Bearing Seat - 19.99 to 20.00 mm
Spindle design - Navy Type as per D 3336
Thrust Load - 22N to 67N ±2 (Compression Spring loading)
Radial Load - 22N ±2N Through Dead Weights
Power - 230V 50/60 HZ 1 Phase, 15 Amps User Control through HMI

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