Ice Adhesion Tester

Ice Adhesion Tester


Ice Adhesion Test Rig is used to measure the Adhesion of Ice on different surfaces. The test surface is in the form of a cylinder and ice is formed in an annular space between the test surface and a standard surface.


Evaluate & compare the relative performance of materials and surface coatings based on their ability to aid in ice removal.
Test the effectiveness of de-icing method.
Repeat testing to measure durability.

Technical Specifications:

Displacement - Max range 4000 micrometer
Normal Load - 10 KN
Sample Dimension - dia 25mm, 75mm (length)
Ice thickness - 1mm to 2.5mm
Strain rate - 0.4 sec-1 TO 6 sec-1
Test cylinders - 25.4mm dia, 75mm length
Cross head speed ( compression) - 1 micron/sec
Temperature controller - for sample cooling jacket up to -400°C
Real time data acquisition - Load against displacement
Accuracy - ±10