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Linear Reciprocating Test Rig

Linear Reciprocating Test Rig


The linear reciprocating tribometer is versatile digitally controlled equipment to test various metals, Composite materials under reciprocating sliding contact at various load and sliding frequencies, under dry and lubricated condition. The test rig is bench mounted self-standing with vibration isolators. The test specimen is loaded and then reciprocally slide against a fixed counter body a no. of geometry can be accommodated by using a simple clamping fixture for, square pin, the oscillating motion is provided by a Servo controlled scotch yoke mechanism. Dynamic Frictional force & co-efficient of friction is measured by a piezo-electric transducer.

Features :

Conforms to ASTM G133-05
Repeatable dynamic friction measurement
Independent proven repeatability
Easy to calibrate
Fully computer controlled & on-line real time data acquisition system
Steel fabricated structure & casted base for minimization of vibration
Compact standalone bench top system

Technical Specification:
Contact configuration : Area Contact
Square Pin : 10X10mm
Square Pin : 10X10X20mm
Lower Specimen : 50X50, 5mm thickness
Normal Load : 100 to 300N Close loop Servo Auto Loading System.
Friction Force : ± 300N Accuracy: 1% of FS or better
Frequency : 1 to 2 Hz through software controlled
Lubricant cup : 200ml A spill resistant cup can be used to test by fully submerging can be used for greases (ambient).
Stroke : 2 to 25 mm Variable.
Environmental Chamber : Semitransparent shatter resistant Environment chamber with inlet and ports for gas purging under ambient temperature.
Frictional Force Measurement : Through piezo-electric force transducer
Wear : Volume Loss/ Height Loss
Oscillatory movement : Servo controlled scotch yoke mechanism
Data acquisition : High-speed on-line data acquisition system
with analyzing & compare Frictional Force, Co-efficient of friction.

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