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Low Temperature Flow Pressure Tester

Low Temperature Flow Pressure Tester


The Flow Pressure Test of Grease as per Din 51805 was developed for testing lubricating greases in low-temperature environments. The test is performed in accordance with DIN 51805 and can also be customized.

Low-temperature flow is measured according to the method of Kesternich (DIN 51805). The test system is connected to an external colling circulation unit to attain the test temperature.

Measurement principle: A layer of the grease to be tested is put on a glass plate without air bubbles. The measuring nozzle is simply pressed a few times onto the layer of lubrication grease until it is filled with grease. The nozzle is inserted into the thermostatically controlled metal block of the tester and the chamber is air sealed and thermally isolated to ensure best performance. After the preparation time, the pressure above the sample nozzle is increased in steps until a sudden pressure decrease is observed, indicating that the grease is pressed through the nozzle. The test is stopped and the last pressure value is displayed as the flow pressure according to Kesternich. The grease removal container is installed under the tester and is easy to clean and replace.

Technical Specification:

Conforms to the specifications of: DIN 51805
Pressure Range: 0 to 3,000 mBar
Pressure Resolution: 2 mBar
Temperature Range : ambient to -500C
Temperature Control: External Chiller
Microcontroller based integrated control unit.
User selectable Test parameters
Voltage: 230V, 1ph, 50 Hz

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