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Low Temperature Torque Tester (IP-186)

Low Temperature Torque Tester (IP-186)


Low Temperature Torque Tester is built according to the IP 186/93 standards for determining the resistance caused by the grease at sub-zero temperatures to study the starting torque and running torque. In extreme cases, the grease can solidify to the point of bearing lock-up. Low Temp. Torque tester is used to measure bearing grease torque at low temperatures.


Conforms to IP 186/93 Standard.
Online measurement of Torque.
Online measurement of bearing temperature.
Refrigerating chiller unit with magnetic stirrer.
Real time data acquisition and analysis of Starting and running torque and temperature of the bearing grease.

Technical Specifications:

Test load - 0.5 to 4.5 Kg
Speed - 1 rpm
Torque - 0.1 to 2 Nm
Bath temperature - ambient to -80°C
Test bearing - RHP 7204 TU EP9

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