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Shear Stability Tester

Shear Stability Tester


The Shear Stability Tester is an instrument used to determine an oils ability to retain its viscosity over a number of cycles of shear, or to evaluate the shear stability of polymer containing oils in terms of the permanent viscosity loss when a sample is subjected to mechanically stresses.


Conforms to the specifications of: ASTM D6278, D7109; IP 294.
Auto drive cut off (based number of cycles).
Temperature indicator to display the test temperature.
Sound proof enclose (optional).

Technical Specifications:

Injector nozzle - Bosch DN 8 S2
Injector nozzle holder - Bosch KD 43 SA 53/15
Diesel injection fuel pump - Equivalent to Bosch PE 2A 90C 300/3S 2266
Injector breaking pressure - 175 bar
Electric motor - 1.1 Kw/ 930 rpm
Dead volume - 20±5 ml
Flow rate - 170±2.5 ml
Oil temperature - 30° to 35°C

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