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Universal Gear Tester

Universal Gear Tester


Universal Gear Test Rig provides the solution to test the gear and lubricants at high torque and speed. GT-200 Universal Gear Test Rig consists of two gear box, a slave gear box another a test gear box, the test gear box can accommodate a pair of test gears (pinion and gear wheel), loaded mechanically at the required torque and rotating at the defined speed. The effective tooth width of the pinion is either 20 mm or 10mm.
The motor rotates clockwise or anti-clockwise (reverse), depending on the test method performed. The test gears are inserted in the lubrication chamber equipped with the heater which enables to raise the temperature of the lubrication oil before the run.


Twisted shaft torque application method
Manual dead weight loading.
Integrated oil re-circulating heating unit.

Technical Specifications:

Speed - 100 to 2500 rpm Torque - up to 300 N-m Centre distance - 91.5 mm
Gear type - spur Temperature - up to 50°C

Optional Accessories:

Microscope to view the wear scar.

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