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Water Washout Tester

Water Washout Tester


The Water Washout Tester is used to evaluate the resistance of a lubricating grease from a bearing to washout by water.
The test bearing is mounted on a hub, and rotated by an electric motor and toothed belt at 600 rev/min. A pump draws heated water from the tank, through a filter and sprays it, via a 1mm capillary, onto the face of the bearing at a flow rate of 300ml/ min, The temperature of the water is digitally controlled in the range of water is digitally controlled in the range of ambient to 800C. The water containing washed out grease is collected in the tank, filtered, and recycled. A drain tap allows the tank to be emptied at the end of a test.


New Case Design with large access panels for test hub and pump.
Rapid warm up time.
Fully removable pump for servicing.
Integral bath drain.
Separate electronics compartment.
Easy to calibrate.

Technical Specifications:

Bearing Rotational Speed - 600 ± 30 rev/min
Tank Capacity - 750ml
Temperature Range - Ambient to 800C
Water Flow rate - 5ml/sec
Voltage - 220/240VAC, 50/60 Hz
Size - 400X400X500cm
Weight - 30Kg

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