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Wet And Dry Wheel Abrasion Tester

Wet And Dry Wheel Abrasion Tester


Dry & wet wheel abrasion tester allow user to conduct test for both slurry and dry abrasion resistance properties of solid materials. Materials such as metals, minerals, polymers, composites, ceramics, abrasives and thick coatings can be tested with this instrument.


Preset Revolution Counter.
Normal Load Calibration (Optional).
Variable Speed.
Variable Load.
Rpm Indicator.

Test Standards:

ASTM G 105
ASTM B 611

Technical Specifications:

Abrasive : AFS 50/70 test sand (Dry Abrasion).
Abrasive Slurry : Mixture of Alumina & Water (Wet Abrasion)
Wheel speed : 100 to 250 rpm
Continuously variable Abrasive flow rate : 300 to 400g/min For Dry Abrasion
Test load : 45 to 300 N through dead weights.
Wheel diameter :
228 mm X12.7 chlorobutyl rubber with A58 to A62 on a Shore Durometer hardness.
178mm X 12.7mm neoprene rubber with 50,60,70, on a Shore durometer hardness.
AISI 1020 annealed steel wheel dia
169mmX 12.7mm for ASTM B611 test method.

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